Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanks For The Information

Hi guys, it's been days that i wasn't able to check my sites. Suddenly i did not recognized what's going on here, until such time i read comments on my other site that this place is not working well. Their are some errors during opening and loading. So i got alarmed and need to check, i found out some errors which other blogger experienced too. So i checked and deleted some code from my template.

Thanks for those who told me and those who pass by here who are concern with my site. Have a nice Sunday everyone.


Cacai M. said...

You're welcome sis.. :-)

analou said...

Hello Anne. I also experienced that and I am glad that Rebecca told me what happened and give me the solution. Thank God that we were able to solve with the help of Sis Becka before I will freak out.

HOw are you diha sa atoa Anne?