Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Day Of Work

Friends, finally today is my last day of work. After 12.5 years of working in one company the end has come for me to resigned. I am thankful and blessed that GOD gave me the strength to work until such time that i will have to end it up! I am leaving for good. I am happy and excited to be with my dearest family very soon.

To all my mates, friends. Thank you very much!!!


El Nino said...

Happy holiday friend :) i believe, even only just few days spending quality time with family, will recharge your spirit and strength.

Lulu said...

good luck anne! i am sure banana is very eager to have you in his arms

Cacai M. said...

agoy.. when mn ang departure date lola? good luck and happy trip then.. muahhh!