Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alert for the Home Town Games

Do you believe in a magic? Well, folks I am talking of gaming online. There are so much games that people want to discover and learn. Most specially those individual who are stressed and need total relaxation at their own home. Believed it or not, one of my cousin who is now currently living in Canada won thousands of dollars online two or three years ago. I knew him very well, he is a kind of person who don't believe easily, meaning he will say yes if he can see the real result on his own eyes. He got married in Canada and living there for good.

It happened when he and his wife had their honeymoon in Las Vegas. They tried online games while having great time together after their wedding, it was just out of curiosity the couple turns their net page into Casino Red and he know that his wife knows some tricks and can play Casino. Her wife is a Canadian citizen while he is just new, he came from Asia and just reunited with her wife when they got married abroad. So all was interesting to him and fun. So then, they played and enjoyed the games.

He told me that during that time, they had many selection or options like blackjack. Roulette, video slots and other classic slots that his wife is eager to play on. Well, he don't really expecting any returns while they connecting on online games, all what they wanted that time is to have fun and to enjoy their bonding together as husband and wife.

They both fortunate, suddenly their games became more and more interesting, his wife started to feel that they can have money or they will win. The real magic came and they got what they want, they went home to Canada with great and huge smile bringing on the cash. So until now they cannot really forget the fantastic games in Vegas, that they never know in the first place that they will get extra money and it's thousands of dollars folks, heavy and perfect for them.


llama's journal said...

hello po. Nabasa ko po ung post nyi about adbrite.. Pwede nio po ba ako turuan about adbrite?? Kaka start ko pa lang po kasi eh..and kaka disable lang ng google sa adsense ko..reply po kau pls..

Llama's Journal

Joy Agustin said...

It amazes me whenever I read or hear stories like this. It really is fascinating to see how technology can help us in doing things that we didn't think possible of doing. But thanks to the computer and internet, these things are now possible to everyone of us.

camu said...

The problem with online gambling is that on all the websites are trustworthy and reliable. Some of them seem pretty good and too tempting to be true. How do you decide which site is good and which one is bad? I'd like to try this new experience, but I'm a little reluctant indeed...