Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Ready

Thanks, finally this afternoon we finished answering the online form for my language schooling. Hoping i can join early batch of opening. I am excited but a bit nervous, hope i can cope up easily the pronounciation, reading and writing for this new Norks language challenge.

For now we're waiting a call from that School, don't know when i will start yet. Wish me a luck!!!


Cacai M. said...

Good luck la.. kamusta ka na? wla nko kadungog mn nmo.. hehe.. ~hugs~

shydub said...

Busy mania na sd di imung mga dayas puhon tsang. goodluck, nya tudloe dayon ko ha lol

analou said...

I am even having a hard time trying to say the correct english pronunciation. I am sure it is very challenging to learn the nork language. I am sure you can make it in a very short time Anne. Good luck.