Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank You Pilipinas

Let me use this opportunity to say thanks to my dearest friends in Philippines. Way back since i started planning to get here in Norway, my friends and family was all there for me. Aside from many stuff or remembrance that i got from them they really cares a lot.

I may not be there for this time friends, but you are all in my heart. We shared moments together through laughters and tears, hope i can have some pics from all our despida parties. I am happy that finally i am here, through all your support, prayers and help everything goes smooth and fine!

I would like to say thank you for the following beloved friends and families!

1.) Ate Bong (Thank you for such a wonderful friendship we had.)
Malou & Family (Sis, your such a blessing to me & to my family)
Janice (Ja, in good times & in bad times we shared unforgetable moments)
Jun (Pare, your such a true friend i truly appreciate it)
Uncle Lito & Family ( Thanks for your unconditional love towards my family)
Rosales Family (Ate Heide, thanks for the great opportunity and the care)
7.) Evangelio Family (Kuya Vic, i owe you a lot, thanks for all)
Ate Claudine (Your one in a million, i see the real person in you)
9.) My Bohol family (Thanks for everything)
My Mindanao Family (I will be forever thankful for your support)
11.) Ate Becka (I am forever happy w/d bonding we have)
Auntie Elaine & Family (Your support is truly appreciated)
13.) Ate Glory (Thanks for being a friend whom i can count on)
14.) Sherry (Goodluck bangs! Thanks for making my day happy when we're together!)
15.) My siblings (Thanks and finally maybe you are all happy i am far away from you, no more terror on your way, hehehe!)
My officemates (Can't name you all, you know whom i am referring too, those who are only close to my heart! Thanks guys, for everything, i will forever treasured our friendship and funny hard time together working)

To everyone! Nakalimutan ko man mailagay ang name dito sorry, matanda na heheh! Thanks still!


analou said...

Are you now in Norway Anne? Congrats! MAo cguro diay nga super busy and beauty nato ha. By the way, thanks for your comments. Super jud ka busy sa akong beauty dire ai. Blog hop ko bisan sa makajut lang gud. Ingat dear friend.

Dhemz said...

huhuhu...magsakit man sad akong dughan ug basa aning imong post sis...senti man kaau...madami talagang nagmamahal sau sis....:)

musta naman ka diha...murag wala lagi ka jetlag da...ehehhee! woi timing kaau imong pag abot diha sis kay valentine's...ehehhee..asa man mo date ni banana nimo?

pag himo dayon ug project sis kay para ninang!

woi as in...ang g ask nga amount sa pari sis kay 5k..waaaaaaaa...wa gabae...lagi, gift lang man unta na no? hehehhee!

burn said...

Hello, its my first time here...

Congrats mam that you made it that far.. I remember one of my colleagues who flew bound to Maryland and stay there for good.
We also have her despida party. We cried before she leave because she is really a good person.