Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beauty Tip For The Day

”Use a hot wet towel on your face each morning and night to open the pores of your skin and then dry the face before applying night cream, make-up or foundation. Don't forget to use suncreen if you are going out and wear a hat and sun glasses. Keep all your skin care products at easy reach so you can follow your routine regularly.”


Dhemz said...

ayay! maau ni kay beauty tips...para ni sa ako nga pangit...ehehehe!

musta na sis?

shydub said...

Thanks for the tip tsang, always beauty ning asawa da

sandy said...

You forgot once the pores are opened by hot towel you need to close the pores using cold water and pat dry. Closing the pores is very important to keep out the dirt.


analou said...

It would be nice to do this my friend every day but the laziness always creep on me...Hayyyy life. Musta na u diha?