Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Experience The Beauty of Toronto

Last year my cousin and her family travelled to Toronto to visit her older sister. That was their first time travel abroad. They were so lucky that they avail the best Cheap Flights to Toronto last summer. They stayed there for almost a month. Their budget was enough and they even got photos for the places that they visited. My Aunt amazed how beautiful Canada is. Toronto is a city and it's a good bunch of package for them. No boredom moments for them, they enjoy every single moment spending the beauty and leisure of Canada.

They even quoted that Canadians are very accomodating just like Filipino's. The family got full and complete tour for the whole month of stay. They also visited some relatives who are living in Canada. My cousin is planning to go back by next year and maybe she will spend her birthday there as she really likes the environment and of course she always got cheapest ticket flight going there.

She is really wise and smart. She's currently employed and savings money for her travel. So, she's so comfortable and willing enough to visit one more time. BUt this time she will be alone because her parents are too occupied with some personal matters around.

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shahz said...

Im here for a visit,.