Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking Forward For Winter Ends

Yay, cold everyday. Many of my online friends are looking forward for winter ends, just because it's really cold, isn't? Before, i am really eager and obsessed to touch and see the real snow. But in reality now, it's so cold. I even wanted to make my own snowman but i cannot stand with the (-) temp. Even now it's been having some(+) but still almost the same for me. I've seen unusual snowman on net now, this is different from what we usually expect. Lol, just for fun, i am sure i cannot do this.


shydub said...

Apil si snowman nabuang na sa snow waaaaa. looking forwar for spring and summer na jd as in.

Dhemz said...

hahahha...unsa nani....lol! maau ni kay upside down.....lol! wapa diay nahilis ang snow diha sis?

ako tuod i add imong mga blogs sa akong kusina ha....mwah!