Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Dinner Menu's

I am glad i started to learn a very simple way of cooking now, by the help of my husband. I love preparing food and discovering new recipes. Before , when i was single i don't appreciate much about cooking, just because i don't have time in the kitchen and besides i was always in rush for work and work from Monday to Saturday. So a bit tiring for me, so i cooked just what we called easy cooking for myself only and sometimes for my siblings too. Those were the days that i did not pay attention in cooking. 

Now i want to serve and give my best to my family in cooking. Now that i am here in Norway, me and my hubby used to go in food store and one day we found new recipes so we tried scanning it and we had some recipes there that both of us wanted to try one day. I am happy i found a man who love's to experiment in cooking also. 

But today while surfing online , i found another best guide for meals recipes. Dinner Recipes is one major important to us, because we usually make complete dinner meal everyday. So this is really suitable for my family, i can try surfing this and i am pretty sure i can discover new interesting food guide. This will be more fun for me and my hubby to check and this would be our path guide in cooking most specially for dinner. 

Ivillage food has the complete guide for cooking. They covered everything when it comes to food talk, table talk, food for the kids, snacks, advise in cooking and nutrition food that must be serve everyday. They will help you in budgeting your food meals. Great and sound very interesting.

This will be my guide peeps. Surely if you will take a look at , you can see all yummy delicious food in the world.

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