Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Tunnel' Kills Me Softly

What a tunnel folks. Just so happen that me and hubby went to some place not that far from where we live and we passed along in a long tunnel. It's about 3km, I almost collapsed inside the car. I feel sophocated, I ask him to open the window because I feel like I cannot breath. What a tunnel! I ask him not drive back on that way.

So, we find other route. That was my first ever experienced. Not good for me, but thanks GOD I am still alive. Lol:-). After that tunnel we are able to hop into a very nice fjord, so i feel like relax and enjoying the beauty of Norway.

Anyway, i am busy now chatting with my friend from London. She told me she just bought beauty stuff for herself. She got all ideas from salon dallas.

I will bloghop tomorrow. Still many online tasks to finish.

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analou said...

I don't like driving inside the tunnel Anne. Like you, I feel like I can't breath that any time soon I will collapse and die. We have a tunnel near our place but not that long. I still don't like going through that area but we have no choice because that's the fastest way.