Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beware: Virus Email in Your Inbox

Last week folks, i got an email in my yahoo mail from my old officemate. The email contains a link telling me to click and see the proof that my mate got a new ipod phone. I open the mail but i am hesitant to click on the link.

I immediately leave an offline message to my mate and ask him if he really won and if he really sent me a mail. Then he replied me that it is a VIRUS! That link erased all his yahoo file both inbox and sent items mails. Huh!

Another thing: Lastnight i agot another email in my gmail telling that it's from toyota that i won. I never joined any contest that sponsored by toyota or whatever! I immeditely delete that mail. Then, this afternoon another sender send mail again about same subject. Grrrrr.... Spammers, Hackers Stop It!

Beware guys, this hackers are using email address of your friends. Make sure to check before opening. I already check the email add who send me about the toyota winning and it's a scam!

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