Thursday, April 22, 2010

Definition of domain extensions

Hey folks, finally I found the definitions of domain extension. Here it is, hope this will help clear our minds when planning domain for our site. Got this from life123.

.com is by far the most common domain name extension among available domain names. Although it comes from the word "commercial," many individuals and organizations hoping to start a Web site pick this extension, regardless of their commercial interests. The extension is so common that many people probably assume that it is the extension used for a Web site and might just type in an organization's name followed by ".com" to reach its Web site.

.org is also a common domain name and is used primarily for non-profit organizations. Most people will probably remember to put ".org" after your organization's name if they know it is a non-profit, but many non-profits secure rights to both the .org and .com extensions.

.edu is used for educational institutions, like colleges and universities. Unless you are starting up a school, you probably should pick a different extension.

.gov is used for Web sites run by branches of the United States government.

.net, .info, .us and .biz are likely more affordable than a .com or .org extension, so they could be appealing to you as you are considering your domain name purchase. You might also find that someone else has already come up with your clever company name and is using it with a .com extension.

.mil for Military
.ca for Canada
.th for Thailand
.ca for Canada
.fr for France
.jp for Japan
.uk for United Kingdom
.tv is for television/ video related sites.
.us classifies the country (in this case the United States) that relates to the particular site.
.int classifies organizations that are endorsed by an international treaty.
.travel classifies travel related organizations.

Hope this will help mga kababayan! Check and think which one fits your biz.

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Cacai M. said...

Oi la, asa mn ang Philippines da'ni? heheh.. aw ako nalng magbutang --- .phil heheheh.. iapil jud ang yutang natawhan always dah.. heheh.. muaahhh!

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