Monday, April 26, 2010

First Day In School

Hooray! Folks, today is my 1st day in Norsk Language School. I was so tensed and nervous! What a day. I am worried haha.. you know me 'worrier'. Hubby sent me there and I let him IN into the room first before the class started. So, it started with introducing each and everyone.

Look? My teacher don't speak English to all because not all of us understand English. My classmates are from everywhere like: Bolivia, Russia, Africa, Palestine, China, Thailand and more. I am the only one from Philippines :-(.

After 15 minutes our teacher gave us immediate simple quiz... waaaah! Makabuang... Thanks GOD I made it.

During our break time my mate who came from Bolivia ask me like this: DO YOU SMOKE? I HAVE CIGARS HERE!!! What? I just say. No Thanks! What a world. I am sure I will still encounter some more kinds of mates in the long run.

Hard day but thanks GOD everything seems good. Just really hard with the language and the pronounciation! When came home...blogging marathon!

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Lulu said...

hahaha nganong nienter lagi