Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iceland Volcano Erruption!

Are you aware that the volcano in Iceland is now very active? This is really scary folks! I see it the TV news almost everynight since it's now being monitored by media. Iceland is not that far from here in Norway.

Now, many flights are suspended due to this eruption. Countries like Britain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden all shut down their airspace because the ash was a threat to jet engines and visibility.

Many are stranded at the airport. Many flights from the rest of Europe to North America would have to be rerouted because they normally go through British airspace.

Possible that we can experience some ashfall here from Iceland. Not good!


*♥Shydub♥* said...

Ive read this online tsang, sus kadaghan ug prob ni mother nature sa.

analou said...

That's scary Anne. My sister's parents-in-law and relatives live in Iceland. Hope they are okay. That volcano really active kay pati ang uban nasod na-apektohan man.

Lot said...

So scary naman yang volcano na yan sis, Hope everything will be okay!!! A lot of tragedy happens anywhere now. All we need is prayers...May our Almighty father guide & keeps us away from danger.