Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Saddest Moment In My Life!

I am down, upset, feeling too bad. Cannot help but to cry and cry! Asking GOD what's going on, stop this cruel things happening! STOP! STOP! STOP! My newly born niece is now with GOD after her stayed in the hospital for almost 2 months. She was released by the hospital just the other day, then they went home and just 15 minutes ago my sister told me she passed away!!! She just stayed home for 1 day. This is so heavy for me, we did everything for her to survive.

To my mom who really make her effort for her this is really sad for her! I am pitty for my mom and to my sister. For my niece Princess, you are now with GOD may you rest in peace! I love you and we love you! You will always be in our hearts eventhough i did not get a chance to see you.

To my sister Che, be strong! God knows how we felt deep inside. Sana makayanan nating to lahat! I am so deeply sad.


Dhemz said...

oh my gosh sad naman....oh my...kalouy sa bata deepest sympathy to your family....:(

shydub said...

So sorry to hear all this tsang. The baby belongs to heaven so i think its god's will and beside if he lives his life would be miserable with all the complications. Condolence and hope you are alright.

kittykat said...

what a sad news is hard to face any kind of lost in the family..condolence to you and to the whole family..