Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Struggling For Webcam Driver

Last two days ago, I have been struggling for webcam driver. I want to install it but at first hubby don't know where the CD is. So, I tried many things just to make installtion done, and I also ask help from my old officemate if they can give me a site or a link where I can get the right driver. They did, but still not working.

I tried, Driverfetch, DriverWhiz and more but they are all not working. The Driverfetch, after I downloaded the whole program it asking me for fees. Grrrrr... So I ignore that one. It always says in the beginning FREE DRIVER! But not at all... what a tricks!

Anyway, yesterday hubby handed me the CD hahaha... finally he found it! Then I asked my SS to install it because I cannot understand the language on it! Now it is working...

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