Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twitter or Facebook?

Folks, what do you prefer to have? But maybe many of you have both. Me for now i only have twitter and the old Friendster. Lol. I am so late but i am aware of many social bookmarking sites. I am just really busy and no time to make FB account.

Aside from that, i am afraid to be addicted to FB games. Many of my online friends are really crazy and having good time with FB. I know for sure that it is good way to relax and hang out online. Hmmm... FB should i make an account now? Most of my friends has it and inviting me yo join. But as i always say YES but until now still no FB account huhuhu.

Well, for now you can follow me to twitter located at the left corner of my site. C u guys! Tweet and Shout! Or add me in your twitter account and see you in FB soon. lol.

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