Friday, April 23, 2010

What's on Myers Briggs Course

Have you heard about myers briggs course? Actually this is my first time to discover them too. This course is more on personality type. They use psychological tool to help understand others, they will help determine each individual to improved in many areas of their personality. Hmmm, I think I needed this for myself. I feel I am that too kind , I must need to discover and understand more and how to adjust myself. Of course not for the worst but for the better. All needed is to balance maybe.

Based on participants feedback they learn a lot from Myers Briggs course , it helps them developed: Team unity, Higher ability to influence or manage others, Increased self awareness, New tools to manage conflict
and Key to coping with stress. Each delegate will receive a personalized report and a book on Myers Briggs. The book will help more to enhance and understand more about psychological tools and apply it to ourselves.

For myself I want to learn more the key to coping with stress. I am a worrier woman so I am stressed when things goes wrong. So myers briggs course is the way and our escape to understand more on our personality. They can answers Why's and How's questions from our mind.

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