Thursday, April 8, 2010

Which is Which is the Best Browser

Hey! what kind of internet browser are you currently using. Aking me, i am using the following.Check out my encounters with them.

1.) Google Chrome = Yes, google chrome is very good one. I love using it but just the icons are not properly displayed. Maybe just i don't know how to arrange them all?

2.) Opera = Experts says Opera is the fastest browser among others, but for me NOT. I don't even like much surfing using opera because not all icons are displayed properly. Like, i am doing and updating my sites but some icons in my template are invisible, so i need to re open it in google chrome just to see how it is.

3.) Internet Explorer = Not good at all, i cannot open many windows at the same time. A bit slow.

4.) Safari = I just saw it on TV and it looks very interesting. You can browse different website at the same time in just one window. Interesting!

You! What browser are you currently using? Are you satisfied?

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