Monday, May 10, 2010

Cesar Montano Didn't Make It | Election 2010 Upates

Folks, I am really monitoring the election there in Philippines now. I am excited , I feel that I am still part of it! I know how it is to be a filipino when it comes to voting... So as early as 2am here and early morning in Philippines , I already got result with Cesar Montano's Candidacy as Gobernor in my home town Bohol.

So sad he did not make it: Here is the statement of his wife, got from twitter.

Twitter post:
On Monday 10th May 2010, @shinemontano said:
Good am tweeps. My hubby didn't make it. I know we did a good fight even without buying a single vote and with just a few volunteers who helped us with the campaign, I can proudly say we did great! Daghang salamat to the Boholanos who believed in cesar's vision and Boholanos who supported my husband. Pinangga ko kayo Boholanos!:)

Btw: For Presidential Nonoy Aquino is now taking the lead but it is still long way to go to get the final results. Will see... just in tune!

If you are a Filipino you can check the results of your province here.


Mama Ko said...

Hope noynoy will win, its time for a new change. hala cesar upok nlng dila sa dagat uy, unsaon mn wa werti lol

Kayce said...

I think noynoy will win cause he is leading talaga. With cesar, well i know he did his best better luck next time if he still want to.

charmie said...

I'm following it also sis... I hope too Noynoy will win.. Did Cesar run before? sad he didn't make it.. better luck next time na pud.