Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My PC Crashed

Folks, if you can noticed that I've been so silent from the blogland since yesterday and the bad reason is that my lappy crashed out! I feel so bad, we are suspected for virus and for sure it is! I feel so helpless without touching and logging on.

I temporarily used my cellphone. Infact, I don't know how much will be my charges for going online using my mobile. Just tonight, glad i used lappy ofmy SD. I need to rush and make all my online task.

I am thankful to mami Lulu, I still have time to make 'pakisuyo' for her for some important matters online. Mama thank you!

I hope can have lappy very soon! Folks, our lappy don't go direct to Windows and I tried to make some check up and commands but I cannot because I cannot understand the LANGUAGE properly!

I will surely get back to you all once everything will be fine. I must have one!


David said...

sus easy solution... buy a new one! lol

charmie said...

yep , buy a new one hehehe..

Warren Contreras said...

Always have a Ubuntu Linux CD handy, then you can boot it and get online without using Windows even if your hard drive is blown.