Sunday, June 27, 2010

Badminton Exercise | Benefits of Badminton

Me and hubby had a short Badminton exercise this afternoon. It was fun, and a good short leave from laptop. Lol! Need to move some other parts of my body not only hands by typing and blogging.
It was a sunny day, so good to run and pick the ball. Anyway, badminton is a good simple exercise that you can do outdoor. Thanks partner for inviting me to go out and have a short play.

Anyway here are some benefits of playing badminton as I do my research tonight!

1.) Increases the levels of HDL good cholesterol while decreasing the levels of bad cholesterols.

2.) Conditions the body so that the basal heart rate drops a few beats per minute and blood pressure is reduced.

3.)Protection from heart disease, especially heart attacks.

Conditions and strengthens the heart muscle besides reducing hypertension and keeping blood vessels from clogging.

5.)Helps overweight people to reduce their weight and attain optimal weight for their height and age.

Promotes the activity of the bone forming cells and help in the assimilation of calcium in the bone matrix, thereby strengthening it.

7.)Keeps you feeling well, strong, motivated, enthusiastic and young.

8.)It helps to ward off depression, anxiety, stress and increase self-esteem.

9.)It helps in enjoying a better sleep in the night, thereby minimizing the incidence of pre-existing illnesses getting aggravated due to lack of sleep.

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*♥Shydub♥* said...

Maayo ma sigruo ka moduwa ug badminton tsang no hehe. i like this game, makapasingot gyud.