Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Blogger Add-Ons

Dont be shock folks! Crazy, I am paranoid for awhile when I open my account and I cannot see my blog layout section. I am thinking if I did wrong or deleting some settings.

But trying to check it all! Dont panic... the word LAYOUT before is changed now to DESIGN. The other thing that i noticed is that: you can change immediately your layout to other style without loading code. Cool but still i did not explore more.

They just made some changes just now!!! I am not sure for other changes yet. So time to sleep folks! Sleepy...


Dhemz said...

I noticed that too...ehhehehhe!

musta na sis...laag ko dire kadali...sensya na karon lang tawon ko ka tugbong...ehehhehe! hinay kaau akong IC dire...lami kaau!

kat said...

ay abi nako naay koy na pislit nga wa ko kabantay kay nausab man ako layout ug nailisan man ug design...anyway, wa ko mag try ug explore kay basig mamali na sad ko...hahahaha

happy sunday Anne.