Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yahoo Log In Problem

I am so shocked when I tried to log in my yahoo today and it says 'YOUR YAHOO ID IS BLOCKED'!!! How come? I just open my yahoo last night and it was working. And it says i have to follow the instruction to get back my account.

So , I tried and it was asking so many questions! So , I gave up but I am worried and wondering why? I tried to open it in my mobile and shocking it works! I can go online using my mobile. Something wrong!!!

Then, I tried one more time to open my yahoo in my pc and log in and oh boy! it works... crazy! I dont know what's going on hahaha. Grrr!!!

Sunday morning trouble with my yahoo account! Thanks it is back.


Kayce said...

nah mao jud sis ai! ingon ana jud na usahay ang yahoo gadaut2x toinkz!

Chie Wilks said...

ayy...kakuyaw man oi...daot na ilang system....cguro sa kadaghang user,.pero so far la pa ko nkaexperience ani sis