Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Boston City Break

One of my cousin had experienced a total gateaway package travel to Boston last year together with her husband. As you can see the evidenced here! They spend christmas there and the picture shows that they got prefect relaxation together.

I am currently browsing at her Facebook profile today and stumbled at her photos. One of the highlight is the Boston Prudential Tower they went there and spent two days roaming around the city. Part of it of course enjoying the Boston City Break with her husband.
She is so fascinated with how Boston views tempted both of them so spend more holidays there. That was there first time to discover the beauty of Boston.
For us to know Boston refers to itself as the 'Walking City' and good enough for walkers to have a full package of exercise while visiting the country's oldest public park.

The main attraction is the Boston Common where the starting point for most tourists during their visit. While another tourist spot is the Black Heritage Trail highlights Boston's place in black American history and its role in anti-slavery.
Well, my cousin and her husband enjoy the nature , culture and the people. So, I am pretty sure Boston is a good place for relaxation and vacation.

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