Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bring Me There..

Summer strikes now. You can really feel the real hot hot most of the day. As for now, I cannot really enjoy this first summer season just because currently I have these freaking allergy which I dont know where they came from. But before I ended my class last June I enjoyed island hopping from Oslo to Hoved√łya. That was my first island visit together with my mates. That was really cool and the place looks so calm and you can feel the nature is within.

My teacher told everyone that she will be having a summer vacation for a month. That will be a long tour we said. Her ultimate dream is to experience Mediterranean Cruises with her kids not with her husband , as she said husbands are kill joy so better to be with her kids only. She had booking earlier and she got a very good package for that cruise tour good for four persons.

She promised everyone that she will show us pictures when we resume our class this coming August. I myself is excited to see and to know about their trip. I am looking forward into it! Well, to go into cruises is extremely different experience and most specially in Mediterranean.

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