Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally Decided

Finally, I am decided to contact my personal doctor today. I am really so paranoid with my allergy. I dont know what is this all about, it is been days that I tried a lot of moisturizer and cream but just a little effect. I dont have now the long patience to wait and see what will be the results with my own releif style.

So , I decided to make a call BUT so bad it is already close when I give a ring. Then I handed the phone to my husband because it was an answering machine and I cannot much understand what it says. Then, hubby told me that the clinic is open just until 2pm, and I called up 2.30. What a day! I had my feeling to really get an appointment.

But tomorrow, I am hoping to wake up early and call... Hoping that this nightmare will end up soon! Allergy please go go go away and never , never and never come back again! This skin allergy is giving me a problem everyday. Itchy, uncomfortable and I cannot wear the summer dress that I want.... grrr.... go to *h.... allergy!

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Mama Ko said...

unsa kha ng allergyha tsang nga late nman nianha.