Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Flexible Cutting Board: An Item Every Home Should Have

Ethan Gibble is a content specialist and blogger for the WEBstaurant Store Restaurant Supplies. He researches and writes about issues facing the restaurant industry on a local, national, and global scale.

By Ethan Gibble

Whether you love to cook on a regular basis or do it just once in a while out of necessity, there is an item you may not be familiar that you should find very appealing--the flexible cutting board! There are a handful of reasons that these unique supplies are ideal for the slicing and dicing that takes place in your kitchen:

First and most important for the majority of consumers, they're inexpensive! While a
traditional wooden cutting board could cost you more than $50, flexible cutting boards
can be had for just a few bucks. Unless you're hacking away at a piece of meat with something
heavy duty like a cleaver (when the thickness of a wooden cutting board would be handy),
you're getting the same performance at a much cheaper price.

Another major appeal of a flexible cutting board is, as the name suggests, its flexibility! It can sometimes be tricky to scrape food off of your cutting board and into a bowl or pan, but with a flexible cutting board you can simply bend it to form a funnel and pour the contents.

Finally, flexible cutting boards are incredibly accommodating. Thanks to their material
and flexibility, they can be cleansed in a dishwasher while other cutting boards will require
hand-scrubbing. If you need something a little smaller, you can cut these boards down to your
desired size with nothing more than a pair of scissors!

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