Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow-Up For My Doctor Appointment

Thanks GOD for giving me the courage to finally contact my doctor and have my allergy check-up. Folks, finally today I got an appointment right away after my early call. I am thankful that I did not need to wait another day to go and check.

Folks, I was nervous hahaha... I am afraid for doctors...waaaaaa... don't know why! Anyway, I arrived there 5 minutes before my appointment and need to wait a bit in the lobby before my turn.

Yes! I met my doctor for the first time. I thought she is a woman but then he is a man. Anyway, I showed him my allergies and told him what are those moisturizing cream that I use. He told me, I must need to change my soap and shampoo and I must have to use baby shampoo and soap... what??? at the age of 31 now I will be using baby soap and shampoo ahhaha... I know ever since that my skin is very sensitive and i really hate it. But now I must use the super mild soap and other things.

I also need to take antibiotic and anti-itchy tablet and put a cream as prescribed. So, without any hesitation I am decided right there and then to buy and need my husband because my card didn't work.

So now, I am hoping for a better result!

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Dhemz said...

ayay! allergic diay ka sis...mau gani kay kamao ug iningles imo doctor...hehehe...joke!