Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Into A Better School

Cool and super perfect! Folks, I just tried chatting live with Ira from Knewton online. I am so amazed how quick she did when replying. I talked to her and she is very friendly and accommodating to my questions. I stumbled at and when opening the page a small screen is provided for those who want to chat and inquire. So , I did!

She told me that if I want to enhance more on my weaknesses like writing, reading , math help and mostly they help those who are undergraduate individuals. She is really quick explaining the programs and the sat prep courses . SAT means ( Standardized admission test) It is the test to enter an American College.

This is online live help from the expert. Hurry try to ask what you do not know! Students this is an opportunity for you. Great indeed! I tried it folks, so proven. Or if you need to know more you can reach them by email at

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