Monday, July 19, 2010

Spa Massage All The Way

I cannot express to you how I miss my Spa session. I used to go in Spa saloon twice a month before. The only place to relax is to go in a saloon and have the whole spa massage all the way! Super relax ever. But now here in Norway I still did not try to go in spa and I am pretty sure it is super expensive. As all things here are expensive. But I am really longing to try, I feel I really needed more than one session.

Just a month ago a friend of mine told me that she puts up a spa saloon and that is her new business now. I am so envious, spa is the best. I actually buzz her now about spa chemicals that she can use in her saloon. A very good place where to order spa treatment products are through Perfect my friend likes it so much! She indeed say thanks to me for letting her know the site. has a spa chemical that includes sanitizer, clarifiers, water treatment, and all spa products.

These are important chemicals that a spa saloon must have most specially the sanitizer to kill bacteria . The most commonly used sanitizers are Chlorine and Bromine, and these are often used with mineral cartridges to increase their effectiveness. Plus clarifiers, to eliminate Dirt, bacteria, flaked-off skin, body oils, makes your water dirty and cloudy.

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