Monday, August 16, 2010

Affordable | Durable Walking Shoes

As usual, women loves shopping! The only thing in mind for now is shopping before the school starts next week. Glad that I feel a lot better from my allergies , so I can manage to shop on my own. I've been struggling for fighting on my freaking allergies , so now hope everything will be back to normal.

Today, before going online I had time to file up my clothing and I found out my regatta t-shirt. The only remembrance I got from my old friend who works in Regatta for 15 years. When she resigned she got a whole lot stuff from Regatta. She gave me that blue one shirt and now still looks so nice and new.

So then, what is next? Since I am in the mood of shopping , my shapaholic mind tells me to buy regatta walking shoes. LOL! What can you say? That will be a perfect partner with jeans and my blue shirt. Right? Hmmm... I am really started to filled up my pairs of shoes with matching same brand as my tops. Hope I can manage to save for other things too! But I think I am just deserving to buy something worth and nice.

Well, well, well, walking shoes can be good for everyday use. So, I hope I can have new Regatta. Hooray! Opps... to tell you my secret place it is in Look at there with the best price offers for apparels and shoes.

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