Monday, August 2, 2010

Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

I can still remember my old officemate who had her 1st eyebrow tattoo before. I was with her in the clinic when she decided to have it permanently. It was so interesting moment both for me and her. Specially for her and excited for the result. After a week two days everything looks so good and looks so natural still. Then I just heard from her that she is planning to try some surgery in her tummy and to try face lifting. I am just laughing at her as she is totally braved to do that for her own sake. She has a lot of money so she can decide for her own. She told me that she is currently hooked at Dr. Manuel Gutierrez the well-known doctor in Mexico who is expert in tummy tuck surgery , cosmetic surgery face lift and more procedures can be done by him. She can fly immediately to Mexico as she wants.

That is why she is telling me to also read more about the cosmetic surgery in Mexico. I found out that Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero, a board-certified plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon for nearly 13 years and licensed by the Mexican board of plastic surgery. He is also a member of the Mexican association of plastic surgery, as well as the association of plastic surgeons in Baja California. He is considered one of the most renowned and dedicated plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Tijuana Mexico. Seems so promising. They also operate a foundation that provides surgery to those in medical need without means to pay for it. For more details about cosmetic surgery mexico go to

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