Thursday, August 19, 2010

Funny School Day

Hey, hey , hey! Yes , my 1st day in school went fine and funny! I really had a big laugh. We had immediate simple quiz. Our new teacher dictates some words and we must have to write it down. She keeps on talking and talking but you know most of us cannot still understand perfectly. Specially me I cannot understand at all, I am just trying to catch up her gestures. LOL!

Here we go. She dictated a word and then she said 'punktum'. Meaning we must have to put period at the end. Since , I did not understand and we all thought we must spell the word 'punktum'. Then all of us was ..... screaming because we don't know. My spelling was ' Funktung' hahaha... imagine!

Anyway, after that when our teacher checked we all laugh. I really laugh out loud... Over! Atleast my 1st day was memorable and happy enough to have that mistake... waa... anyway, thanks GOD for the wisdom even though I was perfectly wrong. Better luck next quiz...

Anyway, I will be back tomorrow. In fairness, I am done with my assignment.. LOL!

1 comment:

Julieta Yttervik said...

wahahahaha..katawaha jud naku oi mao tu lang imuha na mistake? hehe
ok lang na daghan pana mga words nga lisud samtun ug spellingun hehe