Saturday, August 14, 2010

Renovating Time

Before summer ends. Most household here used to fix their home and make necessary changes in preparation to winter season. One of our neighbor started to renovate their home and in fact starting outside with wall paintings. I also asked my partner when we will start ours. Then , we decided to find house paints that will fit to our plans. Currently we have a white wall paint outdoor and planning to change it this time!

He told me that we need to prepare our tools and hardware for this project. It is not easy for him to find those old equipment. We also need to check if all tools are still working well and if it still can be use. It's been years ago since he did major renovation here at home. So for the meantime, I am currently checking with cordless drills and power drills incase our old the gadget needs replacement.

It is good to be ready anytime. Soon, we will go on with re-painting and other small changes here. I am exited to see the results , this will be a combined effort. No matter what will be the outcome this is exciting for both.

Anyway, this time I am checking out buying guide index online at Shopwiki. I found out perfect guide for all home improvement needs. Very easy navigation for all their items and products , prices are invisible as it is and perfect guide indeed! User friendly and organize from any different categories.

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