Saturday, August 14, 2010

Watch Sensation

The other day, I went to the mall. As you know sneaking pictures while watching. LOL! I want to have a new watch guys! Then I took which one is my wish. LOL! Maybe you cannot recognized which is which here but if you can see the white strap at the right corner edge , that is where my heart belongs.

And that is TISOT brand and over expenssive. You can see the glimpse of the price it is 4,780 kroner and equivalent to almost USD650 hhahahah! I just laugh at myself... How can I buy that? Too much girl... too much... I saw some TISOT too that are not that expensive as that one.

Anyway, I hope one day can have it! Wish Ko Lang.... LOL!

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Julieta Yttervik said...

Du må tålmodig å skrive mye om blogging derfor du kan ha hva ønsker du. Hvis likte den du må kjøpe den. Det er ikke nå kanskje noen dag.