Friday, August 6, 2010

Why Demi Moore is the Perfect Hollywood Mom

The world has moms of all kinds. But the Hollywood mom is a special breed. They are under the scrutiny of the public eye and the paparazzi at all times; making the already tough job of raising kids even tougher. As we’re all aware; some do it better than others. But, it just might be that Demi Moore has done it the best. Here’s why I’m nominating Demi for “perfect Hollywood mom”.

1. She didn’t raise her kids in Hollywood. Though Demi lived with her husband Bruce Willis in Tinseltown for several years, when their daughters got a little older, she moved them to Hailey, Idaho so that they could grow up out of the spotlight. They went to school with “regular” kids instead of kids of other actors.

2. She remains friends with her ex-husband. Demi was married to Bruce Willis for 13 years. He is the father of all three of her children. Rumer was born in 1988, Scout in 1991 and Tallulah in 1994. She and Willis divorced in 2000, but remain friends, and have consistently co-parented their daughters. They even bought homes near each other in Idaho to make it easier for the girls to spend time with both parents. When Demi married Ashton Kutcher in 2005, Willis attended her wedding, and she attended his when he married Emma Hemming last year. The two new families are said to take vacations together.

3. She takes risks. Throughout the years, Demi Moore has been a hard working actress. She has taken risks and roles that have sometimes caused controversy; but she has always worked and always put herself out there. She has shown her girls that risk brings true reward.

4. She’s true to herself. Demi Moore knows who she is and does goes after what she wants. She played both a female GI, and got the body to prove it, and played a stripper. She married a man 16 years her junior. Going for what you want in life is a great example for your kids. She’s taught them to push their limits and not worry about what everyone else thinks.

5. She has helped them pursue their dreams. Though raised in Idaho, Rumer Willis is now living in LA and pursuing an acting career under Mom’s guidance. It’s unsure what path the other girls will take, though youngest daughter Tallulah has already had some acting roles, but it’s certain that they will have mom’s support.

The pressure of work and living in the spotlight can really take its toll on a mom- and on her kids. But, it is possible to be a Hollywood actress and raise kids well. Demi Moore has taken care of herself and her children quite well. She has raised them to be happy and healthy without sacrificing her own needs in the process. They appear to be well adjusted and confident. That’s a gift that every parent wants to give their child; whether or not they live in Hollywood.

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Mama Ko said...

Who said demi moore is perfect mom tsang? i don't think there's a perfect mom for hollywood star. They hire yaya to take care of their kids no.

Lulu said...

gwapa gihapon si demi moore bisan tiguls na