Wednesday, September 22, 2010

After Effect Plugins | Stock Video Clips

Do you know how hd stock footage works? To be honest, this is my first time to explore this area. As I read it, it is far cheaper to use stock footage than to shoot new material. Examples of Stock footage that might be utilized are moving images of cities and landmarks (such as the Eiffel Tower), dangerous wildlife in their natural environments, and historical footage. So basically there is stock footage of the Eiffel tower, which has already been shot. That way if someone wants to convey that their story is happening in Paris, they can insert some stock footage of the Eiffel Tower rather than send a crew out to take customized shots.

Stock footage is often used in commercials when they don't have the money or time to do custom shots. Other ways to use stock footage is to use composite moving images to create the illusion of having on-camera performers appear to be on location. There is a website, Revostock, that sells stock video clips and audio clips as well as other effects software and templates to those who wish to use these in their video projects. Some of the tools are amazing, like the motion graphics after effect plugins. They make boring static graphics come alive.

This website has a great choice of motion graphics after effects templates, and if you are looking to do more refined editing yourself, you can also use the after effects software, which can also be used for animation effects. I have to say once I browsed through this website I realized what a great hobby video making could be with these great effects tools. How rewarding to be able to make professional looking videos and stock video clips , it just gets my creative urges flowing.

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