Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boots For All Season

Yesterday was a cleaning day and we decided to take out all our shoes including our old boots , it is now start raining everyday and start getting so cold. Boots are now in, most of my mates in school are wearing proper boots and I still wearing rubber shoes. I found out that I only have two pairs of boots and I need to buy two more. I decided to drop in a mall after my class but I did not found any pairs that I like. It was also expensive and did not love the styles.

A bit picky folks but I want to buy what I really like. I want to spend my money in the right thing that is worth buying for. I remember that has different kinds of boots for different usage. So , I go surfing and start looking. This is a well-known page for all kinds of shoes and other apparel. Aside from my needs I am also looking pairs of working boots for my husband. He is now busy for outdoor works checking pipes and etc preparing for winter season. So he requested for a new working boots. Timberland boots are preferrably for men. It is known as incredibly durable construction, paired with a host of features that make use in work and outdoor environments both comfortable and safe! Men's boots at are affordable and you can choose which brand you preferred most. So will probably get new boots for both.

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