Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day Test And Late!!!

I am a bit prepared for our first long test today! But then I was late...LoL! The Bus came 30 minutes late. I called up one of my classmate to let our teacher know that I will be late but she forgot to tell. I came 15 minutes late and they already started but thanks I was able to answer it all but I am not sure if everything was right.

That was our long test since I got back to school after summer. Now, we focus more on gramatic or grammar... exciting but one time the other day I really had fun talking norsk with my mate. I speak wrong in many ways but just for fun we tried.

Anyway, our exam was about listening CD with some story on it and then you have to answer questions from your test paper and we also have clock reading, telling about your daily routine, correct verb and prepositions.

Hope tomorrow the bus will be on time. Have a nice day folks!

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