Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Math Help Online

During my elementary schooling I admit I was good in math. But when I reached in college forgive me , my mind became empty and I hated math. Specially when I had my college algebra , my goodness I am wondering why I cannot understand at all. Funny yet true. I don't want to deny it , I started to hate math when I was in college until I graduated. But thankful still I strived to passed it and complete my schooling.

During those days I cannot find any math help from anybody and I am not expert on pc for online surfing. Not like now, there are many reliable and trusted page online that offer free math help. I wish I found that page before, I am pretty sure that could be a great help for me.

But it is not yet too late to share online math help to my sister. She is now in her third year college and having difficulties in her math subject. I am so glad that this time I told her to check math homework help online. She loves math opposite from my experienced but then she told me that it is getting more and more complicated for her. She needs help. The good thing they have pc at home so anytime she can just go online and check for any math help.

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