Saturday, September 11, 2010

Math Resources | Math Problem Solution

Funny yet true , yesterday we had a short math quiz. Actually it was easy and just a warm up for all! I think we need to recall first simple mathematics formula before taking up to another level. In fairness I got perfect with that simple math test and I guess we all got correct!

In preparation, I must now find online help about mathematics. I need more refreshments and practice. It is better to be ready earlier before our class started with heavy math topics. Anyway, I was told by my online friends to check at A leading online tutoring company in the world. Oh boy! I am lucky , and they are offering unlimited monthly tutorial package online for only $99.99 for all subjects and not only math. Affordable right? For now I am interested to find out about identifying acute triangle. I remember way back before this is one of the heaviest math problem that bothers my whole world when it comes to identifying every corner in triangle.

Together with the correct and proper understanding about line segment such as about : median, activity, centroid, altitude and etc. Seems too complicated but I must start to study one by one. Plus, the indices formula such as: the product law, quotient law and the power law. This is really interesting indeed! But I am thankful that I can access for my reference. Open 24/7 online. So anytime I can just check them.

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