Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mold Test Kit For Health Purposes

I was a bit sad last week, I got message from my sister that she is sick. She got on and off fever. We are worried and advised her to go to the doctor and have check-up. So she did, she had the blood test and thanks the results was negative from any danger infection. Then the other day I talk to her in YM and asking her health. She said she is a bit better and no more fever. But still a bit weak. It is scary because I read online now about mold bacteria. They cannot be seen but they bring illnesses around people living in the house or in offices. Scary right? You do not know that there is already bacteria's roaming around in the corner. To make sure I read more information about it at Immunolytics the mold experts. I found out that bacteria's from mold can be detected using mold test kit , you can buy this online at very reasonable price.

Prevention is better than cure I always put that in mind. So it is good to have mold test in our home. It sounds weird but molds bacteria's bring irritable signs for those who are possibly contaminated and those signs include: # Allergies , Asthma , Brain Fog , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , Chronic Sinusitis and Rhinosinusitis , Fibromyalgia , Headaches and Migraines , Irritable Bowel Syndrome , Sick Building Syndrome and 200 worse symptoms. So if you suspected that molds are attacking your place you can check more information on test for mold for your reference. Remember that health is wealth!

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