Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Updates!

Hello world!!! It is time to give you some updates of my schooling. Folks, so far so good! Learning maximum of 3 to 5 words everyday is a big help! Today we don't have normal class , instead we all go out and went to a hall where someone teach us the first aid procedure and the tarffic rules on the road.

It was fun because I tried how to do the pumping when somebody get collapsed or need help. It is important to know the basic way. It is an opportunity for us students and it is for free so it was great!

We exactly teached on how to help unconscious person: I will share with you the complete details.

How to help an unconscious person


1. When you see a collapsed person, find out does he respond to shaking of the shoulders. If he does not wake up, shout for help or dial yourself emergency service and follow the instructions given.

Check if the patient is breathing. If he is breathing, place him in the recovery position to ensure continuous breathing.


2. Place an unconscious in the recovery position to ensure continuous breathing. Place the nearest arm at right angle to the body. Bring the furthest arm from you across the casualty´s chest.

Hold the back of his hand against his cheek. Pull up the casualty´s far leg, just above the knee.

kylkiasento2.jpg 3. Grasp the casualty´s shoulder and the bent knee and roll him towards you, until he is lying on his side.

Keep head tilted so that airway remains open.

Ensure the airway is open, also for eventual wakening, until professional helpers arrive.

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