Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Reasons Which Show Why Blogging Is Not An Easy Task

Hmmmm.... folks.... are you addicted in blogging? So read all important things here: 5 Reasons Which Show Why Blogging Is Not An Easy Task:

I myself is attracted to blogging but it is really hard because the competition is also increased in different ways. All the bloggers work hard to get good search engine rankings, generate huge traffic and make money online.To compete with so many passionate bloggers requires a lot of hard work as well as smart work.


This is really important to have patience. Even if you are working hard to make your blog successful, there might be chances that you won’t get good results soon or you might face few ups and downs. Specially if nothing seems perfect with all your hard work. But that’s the part of blogging, you need to keep patience, analyze the problems and keep moving ahead . The day that you lose patience you won’t able to blog with same passion.

Update Yourself:

Sometimes , I don't have time to update and post and most of the time I am lazy. LOL! Blogging is all about sharing knowledge and experience. Thus it is important, that you must have lots of knowledge relevant to your blog niche. For getting knowledge, you need to keep updating yourself with all the latest news and information. If readers don’t find updated and current information on your blog, they won’t visit back.

Negative feedback:

There are chances that you might get negative feedback about your blog from your readers. It is possible that your blog readers might not agree with the information you provide or they might give you negative feedback about the design. These negative comments might demotivate you. I received many feedback both negative and positive but it helps me in many ways.

Active Participation in Blogging Community:

Blogging is not only about writing quality content, you need to spread the word. You can always create a community around your blog by various means like adding Facebook fan page, chat box, and most important commenting on other blogs. But take note I still don't have facebook.. LOL!
Replying to all comments on your post will give personal touch to your readers and gradually you will have tons of readers who will be religiously following your blog.

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NIta said...

Absolutely true! Abi siguro sa uban ug murag gadula ra ang pag blogging. It requires hard work, patience and the list goes on and on...