Sunday, October 17, 2010

Get To Know More About Jesse Willms

Do you know about Jesse Willms? Have you read this name online? If not then , I can try to let you know based on what I read about him. He is one admirer of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. He is well known in the Internet marketing industry for launching several Internet marketing companies by the time he was 22 years old. He is an amazing person who has an interest in online marketing.

Jesse Willms create a good solution to help people get out of poverty situation. He decided to make partnership with Kiva , one of the organizations to support after reading about their incredible success rate: More than 98 percent of the loans they facilitate are paid back. Kiva means, it simply allows people to seek out budding entrepreneurs, read about how they will use the money for their business, and then give them the loan if they so choose.

This is very helpful way to earn little by little and help each individual to have their own income in legal way. Jesse Willms has the heart of helping one another. He is sharing his success for all. That is why he thinks of building up partnership with Kiva.

I read that : His partnership with Kiva is one of several ways Willms has started donating part of his wealth back to the community. So kind man and thinking not only for himself but for the humanity. It is very seldom now a days to find a man with a good heart like Jesse Willms.

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Lulu said...

hahaha wala ko kaila ni Jesse Willms lol