Friday, October 8, 2010

Keep Awake and Alert

Have you heard about provigil? I just stumbled this in one page online , and it gives me courage to read more. Then it seems like perfect and useful. This is a product that will help each individual to keep alert and awake. Sometimes , we are always tired and need to find alternative help , specially if we are at work or need to finish jobs on time. Before when I was still working, I feel so tired before the end of the work day. I usually end up my work at 5pm but at around 3pm I feel so sleepy and tired. I did not find this provigil before but still good to know now. Can be a reference if needed so. I can also tell my friends about this solution to keep aware and alert.

Anyway, I must be in a hurry for finding dog crates for my friend also. She will moved to another place next month. She has dogs and need proper crates during travel. I cannot imagine how she can handle travelling with her animals. Aside from dogs she has cats and others. I am not fond of animals so sorry .LOL!

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