Monday, October 25, 2010

Star Struck On My Inbox

I opened my mail tonight and got another email. Scam and spam. Click on the picture to see it more clearly.

Because I am curios I searched on the sender of the mail. But I know it is scam at first, and besides this is not the first time I received scam emails. Look what I found.
And here is the real story I copied from the page where I got this info: READ!!!

Add one more scam to the Commonwealth Games. This time, a virtual one: you can win a million dollar lottery ‘instituted by the Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Delhi’.

A fraudulent email with ‘New Delhi Games’ as the subject is doing the rounds on the Web. It says, "We are Pleased to officially validate your email account as the winner of $1,000,000 USD approved by Soyof Board of Trustee in conjunction with the Common Wealth Games Programme held in New Delhi, India starting from 3rd October to 14th October, 2010.”

The mail asks you to send a scanned copy of your identification along with your cell phone number and address, for the money transaction. On receipt of one such mail, HT City called the Delhi landline number mentioned in it. A man answered in a heavy foreign accent, and asked us if we had replied to the mail. On confirming, he said he would get back. When asked about the whereabouts of the lottery office, he said, “British High Commission, Chanakyapuri.”

“This is not our phone number, and obviously, someone is trying to trick people,” said an official at the British High Commission.

“We haven’t received any complaint of the scam so far, but we’ll look into it,” says RK Gaur, press information officer at CBI, which looks after the cyber crime cell.

Special web pages have been created on the net warning people to stay away from the phishing attempt. “Yes, I got such a mail and deleted it right away,” says Banjeet Boro, an IT professional.

BEWARE!!!! Never ever give your info.


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

aguy imu gyud d i gihaguan ug search no. mga way batasan ning mga hinampaka

Dhemz said...

I hate scam and spam emails...ehehehe!

musta na sis? how's school? sensya na karon lang naka laag ug balik..busy man jud pod akong life...ehehehee!

ga snow naba diha?