Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Perfect Sexy Figure 35,26,36

Yes, tomorrow is Friday! The day were most individual waiting for because on the next day it is free both for work and school. Anyway, today is the thanksgiving day in America and one of my online friend said NO for her diet plan. She will escape for one day. LOL! She will be having feast with her friends and hang out and enjoy the holiday. So, I am pretty sure she will gain more and more weight! But no problem at all, I can tell her tomorrow to check at for her to know what is the best shape and best diet supplement that will help her get back from her old figure as 35,26,36 sexy right?


Mom said...

wow, ing-ana unta akong measurement no? hahaha nangarap..

Anne, basig sa January na lang mi kay middle pa daw sa January mo barato ang ticket. hasta jud mahala maski diri sa domestic lang makalibat.

Anyway, nag CFO ka ba Anne..kay nag lagot nako aning CFO kay sige ko email, wa jud mi reply. tawag pod ko sa phone hastang busyha...lagot na kaayo ko.

ask lang unta ko kung ilang days ba yan or whole day lang ba...tsaka pwede bang ako lang, di na kasama si janjan sa seminar kay pul-anon ra ba kaayo ning akong anak.

nag CFO seminar ka Anne?

kat said...

Anne, ako ng nag comment.. na click nako ang publish accidentally hehehe

Nathalie Swiss said...

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