Friday, January 28, 2011

Frustrated Engineer Before Not Now

My dream is to become an engineer. Now I am a frustrated engineer. LOL! Because I am a frustrated engineer I let my brother to finished as an engineer and he is. I am just thankful that he got what he wants. Now he is currently working in a bank but still looking for an engineering job just because that is his profession. I want him to find a job that fits on him. Working in a bank is good and I know he is enjoying but working as an engineer is more challenging and fulfilling right?

My frustration was suddenly replaced by joy seeing my brother finished his schooling. It is up to him to drive on his life now. I've done my part and he can do more what he wants! Well, anyway I am still thankful that I finished college.

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analou said...

Engineering too Ann is what I dreamed to be but unfortunately there are too many barriers before. I still can do it but I don't think I can anymore. Lots of things to consider na jud..